1. How Do I Change My Password?

Go to CONTENTGUARD screen and click on the settings icon on the top right hand corner (this takes you to the settings screen):

FAQ pic 1 new

And click on the Change Password option: FAQ pic 2 new

2. Why do I have to enter my phone number when signing up?

We verify your phone number upon sign up as a security measure by texting you a 4-digit verification code that you use to complete the sign up process.

3. Why do I have to enter the phone number of the recipient?

The file you are sending is locked to the recipient by his/her phone number.  This is to ensure that the message may only be opened by the intended recipient.

4. Why can I change my phone number only once every 15 days?

This limitation is put into place to enhance the application’s security.

5. How many phone numbers can be assigned to my account?

Only one phone number may be assigned to your account.

6. I did not receive the SMS containing the verification code.  What should I do?

During signup you can request that the SMS verification code be resent.

7. Does CONTENTGUARD encrypt the file that I am sending?

Yes, the application uses AES-256 encryption.

8. What happens if someone takes a screen shot of the file that was sent?

The application has a “Tattle Tale” feature.  If a screen shot is taken, the sender will receive a Push Notification indicating that a screen shot has taken place.

9. Is the file that is sent to me stored on a CONTENTGUARD server?

No.  The CONTENTGUARD App never stores your file on a CONTENTGUARD server.

10.Is the file that is sent to me stored on a CONTENTGUARD server?

No.  The CONTENTGUARD App never stores your file on a CONTENTGUARD server.

11. How many devices can I have on an account?

Up to 3 devices may be setup on an account.  To add a device (an iPad for example), log into the CONTENTGUARD app on the tablet with your existing username and password. Note that you are not allowed to replace a device once it has been added to your account.

12. What file formats are supported?

Word, PDF, JPEG, PNG, Excel and PowerPoint file formats are supported.

13. Can I send a file between an Android device and an iOS device?

Absolutely.  Files created on an Android may be sent to an iPhone user and vice versa.

14. How can I tell if someone has opened a file that has been sent?

A Push Notification will be sent to you letting you know that the recipient has opened the file. Users of the app must accept Push Notifications to enable this feature at the first run app.

15. What is the maximum self-destruct timer setting that I can GUARD a file for?

24 Hours

16. What do I do if I can’t open a file that was sent?

You may request that the sender “resend” the document.  There are a couple things that can prevent you from opening a file that was sent to you. They are: The file was GUARDED using a phone number that is not your mobile number. The GUARDED file has expired.

17. Is there a time limit after a file has been sent for the recipient to view the file?

The sender controls the amount of time that a viewer may view the file (up to 24 hours). The timer starts counting down when the file is first viewed. Note that the file will expire after 7 days even if it has not been viewed.

18. Is there a limit to the number of files I can send at a time?

You may only send one file at a time.

19. How many files can I send in a day?

You may send as many files in a day as you like, but you may only send one at a time.

20. What is the minimum information needed to send a GUARDED file to someone?

To send a GUARDED file you need the recipient’s mobile phone number as well as their email address

21. Can I use CONTENGUARD on my iPod Touch, iPad or Android tablet?

Yes, up to 3 devices may be setup on an account. If you are signing up on a device that is not a mobile phone, you will need to enter the number of your mobile phone so that you may enter the SMS verification code that is sent from our server.

22. Why can’t I view a file more than 7 Days after receipt?

The application is designed so that the file cannot live for more than 7 days.  After 7 days you have to ask the sender of the document to send a new copy again.